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When Does The Cast Come Off?

Fortunately most kids don’t need to be in their cast for longer than six weeks. Here’s what to expect. In general, casts come off when the bone is healed. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if the bone is healed without

Itching Under A Cast – Tips For Dealing With Discomfort

Itching while wearing a cast is a common problem for kids. Even adults have a hard time resisting the urge to scratch underneath the cast. Here are some tips for getting relief.

Plaster versus Fiberglass Casts

Most casts applied in orthopedic offices today in the US are fiberglass casts. Plaster used to be the only available material suitable for casts.

How Can You Tell If A Fracture Is Healed?

A common question I get from parents is, “Is it healing?”. Here’s how your doctor can tell.

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