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Putting On A Cast – Short Arm Cast

What To Expect In The Office When A Cast Comes Off

This child won’t move his arm, his skin looks weird and nasty, his arm is stiff, and he’s holding it in a strange posture – what’s wrong with him? He just had a cast taken off!

What Your Child Will Most Likely Be Doing In Her Cast

Will your child do what she’s supposed to do in her arm cast? I doubt it. Here’s proof.

How To Tell A Bad Splint From A Good Splint

Most parents just trust and take the doctor’s word for it that the right kind of splint has been put on their child when they have a broken arm. The fact is that splints put on by clinics, ERs, and

Pain In The Arm After Cast Removal

Most children have pain after an arm cast comes off. Here are some explanations of why this happens.

Cast Padding – Common Issues In Children’s Casts

Getting your child comfortable in her cast after a broken arm is critical – it may be on the arm for six weeks. Cast padding is an important part of making sure the cast fits right and stays comfortable. Here’s

Removal Of Your Child’s Cast

If you’ve never had a cast removed, you may be surprised at what’s involved. Here are the steps and some tips on preparing your child for the cast removal process.

Activity Ideas For Children With Broken Arms

Now that your child has a cast, what activities are safe and fun? I found an article with examples.

When The Cast Comes Off – It’s Still Crooked!

Parents often are surprised to see that their child’s arm is still crooked or slightly deformed after a cast comes off.

Preventing Finger Stiffness In A Cast

Stiffness is a huge problem whenever anyone is in a cast. As kids get older, it’s more of a problem than when they’re young. This involves decreased range of motion in joints of the arm. The most important joints to

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