Activity Ideas For Children With Broken Arms

children hiking in forestNow that your child has a cast, what activities are safe and fun? I found an article with examples.

Sara Noel has written a short guide to activities you can do with your child after a broken arm.

It’s disappointing to find out your child has restrictions after a broken arm, but most of them make good sense.

Not all these apply in every case, but for the most part, these activities should be stopped or severely limited when your child breaks his or her arm:

  • bike riding
  • climbing
  • running
  • wrestling (or “wrassling” in the South) with friends/siblings
  • physical education class at school
  • contact sports
  • cheerleading
  • dancing

It’s ultimately up to the parents what risks they’re willing to take with their child.

Running is an example of an activity that is usually safe, but if the child falls, the fractured bone could move out of place or the cast could be damaged.

Read Sara’s article for a list of activities for children with broken arms.

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