About This Site


Dr. Henley

Dear Parent:

I created this site for parents who have a child with a broken arm.

I’m a board certified orthopedic hand and arm specialist. Worried parents come into my office each week wondering what will happen to their child with a broken arm. Even though each child is different, many of the questions are the same each time. This site holds a great deal of my accumulated knowledge I share with parents each week in the office.

I’m also a parent myself, so I know the stress and anxiety you go through when something’s wrong.

Whatever stage of the process you’re in, there’s valuable information for you here.

Here you’ll find detailed information, helpful tips, and ways to connect with other parents who have been through this.

Just a common sense note: This is just a website – it’s not a doctor’s office. This website is for information purposes only. By using it you attest that you’ve read the disclaimer about the purpose of this website.

– Dr. Henley

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